Author: Janet

Blackburn People's Choir have today received this appeal. This appeal is from the charity who benefit from our singing Christmas carols at the hospital:

East Lancashire Hospital Trust is seen as the beating heart of our wonderful and diverse community. Our hospitals serve a population of around 530,000 and are there for us all from birth and throughout our lives.

The #COVID19 situation is unprecedented, but one constant is the remarkable work of our hospitals and incredible NHS staff. As the official charity for East Lancashire Hospital Trust, we are working closely with our hospitals to keep up with the current situation and their needs and have launched our #ThankyouNHS campaign for people to show their appreciation and thanks to our #NHSheroes as they go above and beyond to care for the most vulnerable patients in our local communities.

Your support could help us to provide staff with 'Comfort Packs' while staying in emergency accommodation, giving them access to personal care items while away from their own homes and families.

We will also be able to respond to the health and wellbeing needs of hospital staff - including nurses, doctors, midwives, paramedics, domestic cleaners, porters, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals - who are all helping our local hospitals fight coronavirus head on 24/7.

Every penny received through this appeal will help our hospital staff continue to respond quickly and consistently to coronavirus, so, please give what you can and do post a message of support along with your donation for our wonderful Hospital Heroes.

They need our support more than ever before.

Thank you in advance for your support at this very uncertain time.

Kind Regards


Emma Heinicke

ELHT&Me Community Fundraiser